BBQ (in our version) is a compilation of our grill experience, a research of combinations and flavours, on a common denominator: charcoal, fire and grill. Finger grill are appetizers you can eat like a finger food. Meat and fish are treated in the best way: brine, marinade, dust and rub well in advance : they are the protagonist, supported by sauces and dip to emphasize the quality and flavour. All the meat and fish have local origin: from farms in the Alentejo and from the Algarve Ocean.


Finger grill

  • Fire roasted local rustic bread accompanied by homemade Hummus (Veg)
  • Local Mussels in the wok (garlic, parsley, white wine, lemon juice)
  • Grilled Black tiger Prawns with butter, garlic, fresh chili, lime juice and coriander
  • Lamb Kofta: delicious Middle Eastern small ground lamb skewer, accompanied by Tzatziky dip
  • Grilled fresh salmon mini burgers with Tartar sauce
  • Chicken Satay with sweet chili sauce
  • Fresh tomato bruschetta with fire roasted rustic bread (Veg)


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Meat on fire


  • Butterflied leg of lamb marinated overnight in a mix of fresh herbs, lemon zest, garlic and fresh chili 
  • Lamb chops marinated overnight in fine herbs, lemon zest and garlic
  • Lamb kebab Moroccan style with Pita bread and Harissa dip (marinated overnight in Moroccan flavors)


  • Cajun chicken breast served with Corncobs Mexican style
  • Juicy Chicken breast marinated overnight honey and lime glaze
  • Quesadilla with chicken marinated overnight in beer and spices served in tortillas with grilled fresh chili, cherry tomatoes confit, cheese and home made Guacamole


  • Giant Rib eye steak with 'Magic dust rub', lemon-garlic butter or Chimichurri sauce
  • Homemade Cheese burger with caramelized onions, crunchy bacon and Jack Daniel's smoked bbq sauce
  • Skewer of assorted meat and vegetables (Pork, turkey, chicken, chouriço, peppers, onions) with Mediterranean vinaigrette


  • Kentucky style pork ribs L&S (low and slow cooked)with JD's BBQ sauce
  • Marinated pork fillet, mango and red onions skewers with orange,lime,ginger and honey sauce
  • Tender and juicy pork chops in Oriental marinade, served with grilled fresh Pineapple
  • Assorted grilled local sausages (Piri-Piri - Herbs - Blend of spices)


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Fish on fire

  • Salmon fillet marinated in soy sauce, ginger, garlic, lemon grass and coriander with honey glaze
  • Seared Tuna steak, in Mediterranean marinade (Olive oil, garlic, oregano, fleur de sal, black pepper) 
  • King prawns with Mediterranean vinaigrette
  • Marinated swordfish with garlic, mint and oregano vinaigrette
  • Cuttlefish in bread and lemon zest crumble with Mediterranean vinaigrette
  • Fresh fish from the daily market (Sea bass, gold bream, mackerel...)


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Vegetables on fire and Sides

  • Roasted new potatoes with sea salt and oregano
  • Sherry tomatoes confit with basil and secret dressing 
  • Rice Greek style, with pine seeds, onions, mint, cloves, lemon zest, parsley
  • Rice 'Churrasco' typical Brazilian BBQ accompaniment: Rice with chouriço, bacon,onions, garlic, eggs, parsley and coriander
  • Home made Hummous 
  • Mixed salad (fresh vegetables from the daily market) 
  • Greek salad with Feta cheese 
  • Grilled asparagus
  • Grilled aubergines and peppers with herbs vinaigrette 
  • Baked local sweet potatoes with roasted garlic sauce 
  • Grilled corncob Mexican style (Butter, sea salt, fresh chili and lime juice)
  • Grilled peppers stuffed with vegetarian-vegan Cous-Cous 
  • Tofu and vegetables skewer with sesame seeds and Paprika
  • Vegetarian-vegan burger in the bun with lettuce, tomato and caramelized onions
  • Vegetarian-vegan grilled sausages


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Fruit on fire and Desserts

  • Grilled Mango and pineapple with lemon custard and crunchy Pistachio. 
  • For a full range of our desserts, see our A la carte menu dessert section.


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Prices & Info

The cost depend on how many you are, your menu choices and your location.

An average cost for 4-5 different specialties:

Less than 11 people please ask for the quote

12 to 15 people: € 54/62 pp

16 to 20 people: € 52/59 pp

more than 20 people: please ask for the quote

Prices include: Food, cooking, table set, table service, cleaning and final tiding 

To receive a quote or more info please contact us