Healthy & Veggy

This menu has been thought and developed on the basis of a natural, local, seasonal and low environmental impact food, shortly cooked to preserve their freshness.“Healthy” is the menu section which include incredibly fresh and tasty dishes, a combination of natural products and fresh local ingredients with a reduced use of fats. “Veggy”is a collection of our creations and iconic dishes reinterpreted in a modern, lighter and vegetarian style, vegan friendly . To finish “Sweety”,   a list of refreshing and light fruit desserts and puddings 



  • Golden and red quinoa salad with marinated chicken breast, local oranges and toasted almonds
  • Steamed fresh cod fillet with ginger, lime zest and fresh chili served with rucola, cherry tomatoes, pomegranates and sesame seeds salad
  • Vietnamese spring rolls with shrimps and vegetables served with Asian dipping sauce
  • Fresh squid and asparagus warm salad with local orange and olive oil citronette
  • Chicken breast marinated in Mexican flavors with braised peppers and spring onions served with yoghurt and avocado relish
  • Chicken breast with braised fennels, raisin and pine seeds served with complementary green salad
  • Tabulé of bulgur with grilled fresh tuna, vegetables and sun dried tomato pesto
  • Skewer of fresh salmon marinated in Asian flavors and vegetables with honey and lime glaze, served with basmati rice cooked in jasmine and green tea infusion
  • Prawns Ceviche with tomato, red onion, fresh chili, avocado and coriander


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  • Salmorejo de Cordoba served with eggs crumble and smoked paprika croutons (lighter version of the traditional Gazpacho)
  • Homemade Hummus accompanied by roasted local bread
  • Broccoli mousse with cashew nuts and walnuts served with local brawn bread and fresh goat cheese bruschetta
  • Beetroots carpaccio infused in clementine juice, olive oil and thyme accompanied by white bean mousse
  • Grilled peppers stuffed with vegetarian Cous-cous topped with Feta cheese and almonds
  •  Grilled goat cheese with apple, honey and walnuts, served with Rucola and cherry tomatoes
  • Sautéed spiced Tofu accompanied with fennel, orange and red onions salad
  • Risotto with strawberry and champagne
  • Tagliatelle with fresh tomato, aubergine, ricotta cheese and basil
  • Spanish omelette with onions, Savoy cabbage and potatoes served with a complementary mix salad



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  • Melon, papaya and strawberries with minty brown sugar dressing
  • Grilled mango and pineapple with lemon custard and crunchy pistachio
  • Rice paper rolls stuffed with Fresh fruits rolled up in rice papers served with  spice orange ans spices syrup
  • Coconut milk and chia pudding with mousse of mango topped with coconut flakes
  • Fresh blueberries and Vanilla chia pudding 


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